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12 Cable Harness Snake Cables for Roland Alesis Drum Modules

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Comes as a kit which Includes 12 new cables, labels and 3 cable ties. The following cables are included

HH - 4.5ft

HHC - 4.5ft

Snare - 4.5ft

Crash 1 - 6ft

Tom 1 - 6ft

Tom 2 - 6ft

Kick - 6ft

Ride - 10ft

Ride Bell - 10ft

Tom 3 - 10ft

Crash 2 - 10ft

Extra cable - 10 ft

Works with Roland Yamaha Alesis drum kits that have 1/4” inputs and outputs

All cables work with dual or single zone pads

TD-3, TD-6, TD-6V, TD-8, TD-12, TD-20, TD-30, TD-50

DTX And other Yamaha modules

DM10 and other Alesis modules